NYC oh what a city

I am back from my four week adventure to New York City! And can I say, it is every bit as amazing as the movies make it out to be. It is seriously the city that never sleeps...and it was winter! I braved the -9 degree weather as James toured me around this wonderland (best tour guide I must say!). We were based in New York City and travelled to Philadelphia, Washington and Boston. We hired bikes and rode through Central Park and had lunch at the Seinfeld diner, we ice skated in Central Park at night time and went to see Chicago on Broadway. We ate EVERYTHING - pizza, pasta, noodles, hot dogs - yes from the street - and lots of chocolate! I loved visiting the library, the one where Carrie is left at the alter by Mr Big. It was so beautiful inside with all the arches and decorated ceilings. The view from the Empire State Building is as breathtaking as you could imagine - James took me up there the night I arrived and it was magnificent. After doing all the touristy things it was nice to spend a week just wandering around at our leisure getting lost in the city. This is the best way to find kooky cafes and shops. Spending Christmas and New Year in New York City is a MUST! The whole city is decorated. There were Christmas trees everywhere, and not just your average tree, I'm talking gigantic trees with thousands of lights and decorations. The streets were spotted with tiny lights that made you feel like you were walking through Tinkerbell's castle. It was such an amazing good that I am already planning my next for the summer!!


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  1. Gosh I can't wait to go!