Mixed bag

Melbourne’s weather is whack! I had a fabulous long weekend away with my friends with two days of dull clouds and one day of perfect sunshine! Either way we had the best time. I got to wear my cuddly ASOS jumper, as well as my new high waisted vintage denim shorts (I know whacky weather right?!).
We hired a house along the Great Ocean Road where we ate, drank, were very merry, and even pulled off an extra early Easter egg hunt...any excuse will do to buy chocolate eggs this early!
We had brunch as an awesome burger café, bounced on some trampolines by the beach and sifted through some vintage stores, where I spotted two cute-as-a-button gnomes guarding the door. I bought a beautiful coffee table book filled with images of Paris (my fave!!) and a cute little piggy bank to store all my loose change.

Gates of happiness!!

Shopping bags full of fun!

Star bunnies Asher, Lisa, Steffi, Misha & Ally

Easter egg hunt

My new studded vintage shorts

Bouncing kept us warm

Two little treasures

High waisted vintage shorts & a white singlet - classic combination

Rainbow apartments

Even though the weather was quite bi-polar we still had such a great little getaway!

LisasRuby x

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  1. glad to hear you had a really great time! :D