To market to market.

Today I watched the sun come up and spent the morning with a friend sifting through racks of glorious vintage pieces at my new found love...Camberwell Market. Whether you are after new booties, a maxi skirt, hot jam donuts, or a vintage chair, you are bound to find it right here!

I also took my new camera along so I could show you all the wonderful treasures we discovered. It is strongly advised to arrive early so you find a close car park and of course so you have the pick of the amazing vintage items on offer.

There were racks of cute cropped vintage blazers, coat stands with bags galore and a stall with ankle boots as far as the eye could see. Yes, most would agree that a morning at Camberwell Market is likened to that of the gates of heaven!
Today I picked up a cute purple vintage jumper, an oval blue ring, an awesome pair of vintage sunnies, three coffee table books filled with pages of inspirational fashion photography, a pair of studded denim shorts and a military green skirt. All in all, one very productive morning!
So yes you guessed it, this afternoon I am sitting back in the glorious sunshine flicking through my new books, wearing my new shorts and sunnies, and sipping a cup of tea.

LisasRuby x

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  1. Wow!!! I would love to come to Camberwell Market one day. Looks amazing! I love the vintage cameras! What goodies did you get?

    Drop by my blog some time :)