Creature comforts.

Just like comfort food, I have comfort websites that I turn to (as much as my credit card hates it) when I need a little pick-me-up. These failsafe websites always offer me a warm welcome + a personalised shopping experience + a speedy checkout = one very happy customer!
I know that as soon as I log on to one of my favourite sites I will find pieces or photos that will inspire me...sometimes (more often than not) they lead to a purchase. - ASOS is my new muse at the moment. It has everything from staple pieces, designer buys, beauty products and lookbooks. I am expecting a delivery this week with my latest purchase – winter ankle boots! - Modcloth boasts kitsch clothing and homewares. I love looking through the pages and pages of vintage jewellery and dresses. This website is a must if you’re looking for a unique gift for that person who has everything. - I always jump on to Provincial Home Living when I need some home inspiration. I love the home wares and decor. After visiting this website my room always gets a good cleanout!

I always feel better after trawling though the pages of great finds from one of these sites. So whether it is inspiration you seek...or a new faux crocodile skin know exactly where to find it with open arms.

 LisasRuby x

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